Proverbs 22:9
He who is generous will be blessed, for he gives some of his food to the poor.

James 1:27
Pure and unblemished religion in the sight of our God and Father is this: to visit and look after the fatherless and the widows in their distress….

The Yahve-Jire Children’s Foundation (YJCF-US) was formed in 2013 to support the work of our sister foundation located in Port-au-Prince Haiti.  The foundation based in Haiti is named Yahve-Jire which means “God Provides” in Hebrew.  YJCF currently operates a school and a family home serving a group of children in Haiti who happen to be among the poorest in the world.

YJCF  of Haiti  A Documentary



Our Story

Following the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, a team from the City of Pittsburgh took money that was raised for relief to a Haitian contact, Chedlin Justinvil. Chedlin, an architect, was himself helped by a missionary to complete his education as there is no public education system in Haiti. This gesture of kindness greatly impacted him and motivated him to help others; first his own family then others.

Chedlin rented a house and started bringing children in off the street to live with him and his family.  His wife Sophie and him had 23 very scared kids including their son living with them in the neighborhood of Croix des Bouquet on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  They provided a home as well as schooling to these children. They also offered support to  60 other neighborhood kids with schooling.  All attended under one damaged roof. This collective group formed YJCF in Haiti to run the children’s home and school.

What started as a onetime post-disaster trip turned into a continuing love story. Five of the original team that went after the earthquake would return each year extending the love of God in Word and deed. They recruited friends and family members to go on trips and raised money to build a new family home and school. The YJCF-Haiti board and community added a church where the children from the home, school, and neighborhood attended. The circle of people ( from the US) involved continued to grow, the trips began to offer dental, vision and soccer outreach to the neighborhood.

Without employing any staff in the US, Yahvre-Jire Children’s Foundation-US (YJCF-US) incorporated as a non-profit and developed a three-fold mission of safe housing, education and medical care for the children and their community.  YJCF-US became part of God’s plan for Haiti, these children and Chedlin’s vision for developing a stronger Haiti by raising up the poorest children as he was raised up himself.

We are particularly devoted to fully transitioning the children under our care in the home to independent adults that contribute to their community. By giving back as they have been mentored by Chedlin and Sophie we believe this is one of the paths to a stronger Haiti.



Get Involved

For many of us, our trips to Haiti are like trips to visit family.  We love seeing how the children have grown.  As we interact with the community we grow in our devotion to these loving, kind people.  We serve, worship and fellowship with not only our children’s home kids but the community as well. All of our trips are prayerfully considered, and we welcome all that want to come regardless of religious background.

Please contact us at yjcf.us@gmail.com  if you are interested in learning more about mission trips.


Dental, Vision and Education Outreach


Construction and Soccer

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Our physical presence in Haiti is twice a year, but our hearts are there year round.   The Family Home and school have a significant monthly budget. This includes employment for 6 teachers, 5 cooks/helpers, food, equipment, and supplies.  Any questions? Giving to YJCF will make an impact in the life of Haitian orphans. In addition, YJCF is a 503C non-profit which means that all donations are tax deductible.

You can donate two ways:
Check by Mail:
P.O. Box 24597
Pittsburgh, PA 15234-9998



You can make a positive influence by sharing the YJCF story. This can be achieved by liking, commenting and sharing our posts on social media with your close friends.
It is that simple.
We are making a positive impact on our mission of helping Haiti help themselves and we want the World to know and be a part of the good being done in Haiti.


Contact Dan Raeder draeder@raederlandree.com

REMEMBER, you can donate two ways:
Check by Mail:
P.O. Box 24597
Pittsburgh, PA 15234-9998



For trips:
Denise Ford  denisewford@gmail.com

For trips:
Dan Raedar  draeder@raederlandree.com

P.O. Box 24597
Pittsburgh, PA 15234-9998